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Just like Professional Pitmasters, You can Achieve Juicy, Flavorful Meat Using Our Flavor Injector

We offer the best price on the number one 4 oz flavor injector on Amazon.

Meat marinade injector, flavor injector, flavor syringe or what ever you call it, this commercial grade, 4 oz all metal injector will probably be your last. Whether you’re injecting a turkey, a roast, pork butt or some other cut, the pinnacle of flavor is achieved with flavor injection.

Stainless steel needles large enough for pepper corns

This flavor injector comes with 2 needles; a large bore needle with one hole at the end for injecting spice based marinades and a brining needle with 12 holes.

Your job of producing deep incredible flavor and juiciness in your meats has just become a lot easier.

Here are some direct testimonials from satisfied customers about our flavor injector:

  •  “Was looking to replace my old injector, this one was a higher quality then my last one. Love the stainless steel construction and dual needles. Used it today on a sirloin strip steak, it worked amazingly. Really glad I bought this one and would definitely recommend this to a friend/family or just anyone looking for a good quality meat injector”
  • “This product is the best marinade injector I have ever owned. I like to make beer butt chicken and I use a dry rub and an injected marinade. Other injectors were flimsy and got clogged with spices. This one is heavy duty and the needle gauge is big enough so that it doesn't clog. I was worried at first about spending so much for an injector, but I'll never have to buy another.”
  • “This injector surpasses any I've ever used. Solid sturdy tool, very happy I bought it. Only problem is...I need to use it more!!”
  • “I had some issues with the threads on the marinade injector. In my book a Seller is made or broken by how they perform when something is not right. It took a couple shipments of replacement parts to correct the issue. But now I have a perfect working product and I am happy as a clam. That is what I call standing behind your product and caring that the customer's needs are met.
  • The unit itself is built very well. I was a machinist for over 20 years and know what to look for in a heavy duty product. This fits the bill and beats the plastic units hands down. Shipping was very fast too!”

These testimonies were lifted directly from our Amazon site and there are many more, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

A very important feature...The needles

You read above, there are 2 needles included. The needles are finely machined stainless needles. Both have a large enough bore to pump pepper corns and spices...a feature we have heard people love...over and over again. They are a very adequate 6” long, capable of getting flavor deep into the largest cut. One is straight with an open end and one is closed at the end with 12 holes on the sides to completely saturate your meat with marinade.

Risk free guarantee

You have no risk. We guarantee our product so if something breaks (very rare), we replace it, hassle free.

Meat marinade injectors make great mens gifts

Make everyone jealous and get one! Remember you have no risk, we back each and every one of our products unconditionally so if you’re not happy return it for a full refund. Also, included is a free cookbook of marinade recipes containing 30 great, award winning marinades! Your friends, family and your taste buds will thank you! You cannot lose.

Hope to talk soon!

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